Exercise Program

Target Audience:

Persons 18 yrs and older at risk of, or living with, a chronic condition and leading a sedentary lifestyle (i.e. exercising less than 3 times per week

Participant Objectives:

Incorporate physical activity in their lives

Learn safe and effective exercise tailored to individuals need

Program Overview:

The goal is to provide guidance and expertise to participants regarding safe and effective exercise

A supervised exercise program offered in a non-intimidating social atmosphere and tailored to individual needs and goals, promoting independence and self-evaluation

Initial attendance includes an exercise assessment and prescription by the Exercise Therapist

Exercise sessions include a self-assessment, warm-up, cardio component, resistance training, balance, and flexibility exercises

Session Length:

8 weeks, twice per week with each session available for up to 1.5 hours

Session Frequency:

Continuous intake-participants can access the program at any time

Facilitated by:

Exercise Therapist and assistant