Public Notice - Utility Users

Hello Utility Users in Grimshaw!

The Town of Grimshaw is servicing water meters that have encountered difficulties over the winter. If your meter has been identified as requiring some follow up you will receive a message from our contractor Slim’s Plumbing and their meter technician - Jared. Jared has a Manitoba cell phone number with a 204 prefix and understandably some folks will not answer the call. That’s ok. Jared will leave a message for you, outlining what he is doing on behalf of the Town. Please contact him and arrange for him to access your meter. Otherwise you will keep getting messages and eventually the dreaded door hanger threatening disconnection. We apologize if it seems heavy handed, but many folks just won’t phone Jared back. And since the door hangers get people’s attention, we use them as a Plan B.

What goes wrong with a meter?

Meters have moving parts and tiny transmitters. And sometimes they just wear out.

Who pays for this meter repair?

In almost all cases, the lack of a read is the meter simply no longer working. It is the Town’s responsibility and we will cover all the costs of meter repair. There are some exceptions. If the meter has been frozen or we determine that tampering of the meter has taken place, you will get a bill for the meter repair.

Will there be back charges for unbilled water consumption?

In most cases, no. We have delayed meter repairs over the winter as so many sites were trailers and inaccessible during winter. It does not seem fair to back charge you for several months when the delay was by our choosing. We will likely do an estimate back to the previous month end, and bill you on that basis. Ordinarily we do back charge based on all of the water consumed since the meter stopped sending a signal. By summer we will switch back to our policy of billing for all water consumed since the last known read.

If you have questions about any of the above, please phone Derrel Johnson @ 780-332-4626