Grimshaw Regional Healthcare Attraction and Retention Scholarship Program

This scholarship is intended for high school students, students already in a qualifying program, and adults considering enrolling in a medical or health-related program in person or online. It is designed to provide financial support to students entering a healthcare or medical-related program and encourage them to live and work in the Grimshaw region.


1. Proof of acceptance into a health or medical-related program:

  • Nursing – Practitioner, Registered, Psychiatric, Licensed Practical, and Health Care Aids
  • Emergency Medical Responder, Primary Care Paramedic, Advanced Care Paramedic
  • Social Work, Psychology, Psychiatry, Addictions Counselling, Mental Health Therapy
  • Physio, Occupational, Rehabilitation, Respiratory Therapy
  • Optometry, Dietetics, Dentistry, Pharmacy
  • X-ray/lab combined technicians
  • Bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, and certificates may be considered if it is a requirement for entry into a health or medical faculty program

2. Any year of study - certificate, diploma, or degree programs

3.  Provide proof of applicant’s residency from one of the following funding municipalities: County of Northern Lights, Town of Grimshaw, MD of Peace 135, or Village of Berwyn with one of the following:

  • Utility bill
  • Property tax assessment
  • Phone bill
  • A letter from one of the funding municipalities confirming your or your family’s residency.

NOTE: If you are a student attending a post secondary institution away from the region, but call one of the funding municipalities home, you can still apply for the scholarship by providing proof of your families residency in one of the funding municipalities.


4. Write a short essay of 500 - 700 words that includes the following:

  • The applicant’s career plan of their knowledge of the type of work they will be able to find once they graduate from their area of study.
  • Their commitment to working and applying their knowledge in a rural northern setting.
  • An account of any volunteer or work experience they have which applies or may have led to their decision to obtain education in a health or medical field.
  • Any other information they would like to share related to their health or medical-related education field of choice that would help the selection committee come to a decision.


Annually on December 31


Annually on or before February 1


Scholarship Application Form

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