Municipal Elections Alberta 2017

2017 is a Municipal Election Year!!

Nomination Day is September 18th, 2017!!

And Election Day is October 16th, 2017!!

Would you like to be a Councillor? Packages will be available for pick up on July 21st.

If you are interested in running for a Municipal Office in Alberta, please check the online guide for more information!

If you are successfully elected, you will be expected to attend a two day training session hosted by AUMA/AAMDC.

As a member of council, you will have the opportunity to significantly influence the future of our community!

How can you prepare to be a Councillor?:

-familiarize yourself with local bylaws and municipal legislation;

-read council agenda and minutes;

-Sit in the gallery at council meetings; and

-Talk to municipal staff to find out what other information is available.