Welcome the Summer Issue of our EP Update (July and August 2017) -  I certainly have enjoyed the many opportunities to get out in the Lower

Peace Region to discuss… Composting, Wetlands, Forest stewardship,Pat’s Creek Trail, Bats, Bear Smart and the list goes on .

Please find our links to our upcoming events list for July and August 

Canada Day Tree 

July & August 2017 Events

We hope to see you at one of these community events in the Lower Peace.

If you are looking for wildlife/environmental education resources (posters, activity books, etc.) for your youth group, please return this e-mail or give me a call. 


Celebrate our Provincial Parks 85th Anniversary – (1932 – 2017) -  Click the Parks link to discover the many wonderful outdoor 

experiences to be found a tour Provincial parks this year!   http://www.albertaparks.ca/


Hug a Tree and Survive -  This national outdoor education program (for students in G1 – G8) provides essential information to assist a child should

they find themselves lost in our forest areas.  One ofthe best gifts a parent can give their child is knowledge of the outdoors. Hug a Tree and Survive

courses are FREE and will be offered in the Lower Peace Region in July and September 2017.  Call for more info.


On July 1st,the greatest nation on earth celebratesits 150th Birthday.  Please do not let this day go by withoutgetting outdoors to warmly greet your 

neighbours, visit a provincial park, wave wildly at a localparade, watch fireworks with awe, and give thanks for the many opportunitiesand high quality

of life, we enjoy as Canadians.   HappyBirthday Canada!  Thank you!


Norman Brownlee


Lower Peace Region

CommunityEngagement Lead

Environment andParks