Town Staff

A team of people on a mission.

The Town of Grimshaw is an amazing community. Our team is excited, engaged and proud to give our best every single day. The world around us is changing rapidly in every way from politics to technology. We've dedicated ourselves to making sure we're thinking progressively while staying true to the roots that have helped this town thrive for generations.

      Chief Administrative Officer - Brian Allen -

Director  of Finance - Terry Websdale -

Municipal Secretary - Constance Hampton–

Fin. Admin. Clerk (Utilities Clerk) - Lena Landry – 

Fin. Admin Clerk (Taxes/Payables Clerk) - Debi Higginson - 

Fin. Admin. Clerk  (Receivables/ Frontdesk Clerk) - Sabrina Collett -

Bylaw Enforcement & Animal Control Officer - Angie Konowalyk –

Fire Services - Chief  Lawrence Arnold –

Public Works:

Director of Operations -Tyler Norton –

Water & Waste Water Foreman -Derrel Johnson –


Ted Chmielewski

Miles Wadsworth

Tamara Lorenzen

Riley Greff

Butch Mitchell


Great recreation starts at Mile Zero Regional Multiplex

The Town of Grimshaw is fortunate to have such an incredible facility for recreation and leisure. Making sure the facility is always running at peek performance is no small task.

Director of Community Services - Tracy Halerewich –

FCSS Programmer- Misty Bagan –

Fitness Centre Supervisor- Gaylene Carpenter –

Multiplex Administrative Assistant -Kim Girard –

Recreation Facilities Maintenance Manager - Brian Nidish -

Grimshaw Library

Linda Chmilar –