Town of Grimshaw Council Meetings

Council meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the Town of Grimshaw Council Chambers located at 5005 – 53 Avenue. If you would like to be put on the agenda please contact our CAO, Brian Allen or our Municipal Secretary, Constance Hampton at (780) 332-4626 by Thursday, the week before the meeting.

The following link will take you to Civic Web, where you will find the most recent Agendas, Previous Minutes, Bylaws and eventually policies.

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Council Highlights

June 12, 2019 Council Meeting:


  • Council accepted the proposal from Viviane Gayton and Linda Chmilar to allow the

  • Library to occupy the vacant Visitor Information Centre from July to September 15, 2019. Council accepted Minutes of the Long Lake Regional Waste Management Services Commission April 15, 2019 as information.

  • Council accepted the Invitation from Alberta Recreation & Parks ARPA Conference and Workshop & ATR Symposium and any Councillor member interested please notify administration.

  • Council approved the request from Grimshaw Playschool Society to proceed with signage at the Kennedy Admin Building.

  • Council awarded the 2019 paving contract to Ruel Bros. Contracting a division of NPA ltd.

  • Council decided for summer 2019 Council Meetings be held July 24th and August 28th . Council accepted the invitation for Municipal Community Generation Challenge and Councillors Sklapsky, Hennings and Deputy Mayor Thompson will attend.

Upcoming Meetings

  • June 26 at 7:00 p.m. — Regular Council Meeting

  • July 24th at 7:00 p.m. — Regular Council Meeting

  • August 28th at 7:00 p.m. — Regular Council Meeting

Council reviewed and accepted the Monthly Department Reports as presented.

Grimshaw Regional Health care Attraction and Retention Committee Meeting Highlights



  • Committee approved of a name change from “Grimshaw Regional Health Care Recruitment and Retention Committee” to “Grimshaw Regional Health Care Attraction and Retention Committee”.

  • Holly Handfield (RhPAP) updated the committee that the last week of May will be recognized for Rural Health Care week. To celebrate Health Care week goodies were given to the health care facilities from RhPAP and meat and cheeze trays from the Recruitment and Attraction Committee. RhPAP hosted 7 webinars and workshops (Guest speaker Brenda Herchmer -Campus for Communities) on community development, which was very successful.

  • Grimshaw Regional Health Care Attraction and Retention Committee will be advertising for new members at large.

  • Committee agreed that the Terms of Reference will need to be updated and should be updated yearly.

  • Committee is planning to host a “Grow Your Own Skills Day” in the fall for the students of Holy Family and Grimshaw Public school.

  • Susan Ramproop, Regional Director Northwest Careers Next Generation attended the meeting and has volunteered to help and support this project going forward.

  • Dr. Louw attended the meeting and updated the committee that there were 8 candidates that applied for the psychologist position and the interview process will be starting soon. This new health care addition to Peace River will be available for all surrounding areas.

  • Laura Gregory (AHS) attended the meeting to update the committee on the parties that are interested in participating in hosting “Growing your Own Skill Day”. A date needs to be set before the parties will commit.



Upcoming Meetings

  • September 5 at 7:00 p.m. – Regular Meeting at the Grimshaw Council chambers

Committee reviewed and accepted the March 6, Meeting Minutes as amended.

Town of Grimshaw Council

Mayor Bob Regal

Having moved to Grimshaw 30 plus years ago we found a wonderful small town that offered “the sense of community” that we wanted to raise our family in and decided to make Grimshaw our home. About the mid 1990’s I was approached to run for Town Council and thought that if elected it would be an opportunity to give back to the community and I still have that feeling today.

Deputy Mayor Dirk Thompson

I am Dirk Thompson. I was raised in Grimshaw all my life and have raised my family here. I have worked within Grimshaw for the better part of my life. I am honored once again to be on Council and hope we can bring more to enhance our community. 

Councillor Steve Hennings

My wife and I along with our two children moved to Grimshaw in 2014.  We enjoy the small town friendly atmosphere that Grimshaw has to offer and find that it is a great place to raise a family.  I am an active volunteer in several minor sports programs as I enjoy giving back to the community.  I joined the Town Council because I wanted to contribute more to this community and I feel that I will be a valuable asset to the decision- making team.

Councillor Stacey Messner

I married into a Peace country family and I have lived in Grimshaw since 2011.  I am educated and have worked hard in the field of Human Resources for over sixteen years and I currently operate a consulting practice for small businesses in the Peace Region.  I value my community and creating a sense of belonging for all individuals by ensuring services and supports are effectively managed for sustainability.


Councillor Colleen Sklapsky

I was born and raised in Grimshaw and have chosen to raise my family here.  Grimshaw is where my roots are.  Grimshaw is my “hometownforever” town.  Community service and political engagement was just part of growing up in my home.  From the time I was very young my parents instilled in me that giving back was not optional in our society. Volunteerism is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself and your community.  I have had the pleasure to sit on many volunteer boards and committees over the past 50 years here in Grimshaw.  Over those years, I have learned that the talents and passion of our community members is endless.  Please reach out to me – let me know what you see in our Town that is good, what is great and what you think needs to be done better.  I always enjoy connecting with other people that share this great Town of ours.  Being elected again to serve as councillor will grant me the privilege to be involved in keeping our town as the best in the region to live, work and play.

Councillor Dennis Sukeroff

I was born and raised in the Berwyn/Grimshaw community and have recently purchased a house here in town (very exciting).  Joining Town Council was a big decision for me, and one that I hope will open up new opportunities for myself and our growing community.  I hope that I, along with the rest of my fellow Council, can be a big part of this great town’s greater future.

Councillor Wendy Wald

I have lived in this region my entire life.  My husband, Mel and I raised our two children Corey and Randi here.  I worked for the Town of Grimshaw for almost 20 years and recently retired from the administration department.  I truly enjoyed working in Municipal Government and being of service to the community.  I look forward to using that experience in making decisions as a councillor in the next chapter with the Town.


Council Committee Appointments Amendment 2018